Family Care - Pediatricians

Family Care includes healthcare providers that specialize in servicing the general medical needs of families. Family practitioners are doctors that diagnose common illnesses such as strep throat or the flu, and prescribe medication to treat them. They are often the first ones to notice the symptoms of more serious illnesses, and in doing so, they can then refer their patient to the appropriate specialist for treatment. Pediatricians provide medical care for children from the time they are born until they reach their late teens. Part of their job is educating parents on their children's health care needs.

Pediatricians Phone Address
Hayden Lake Family Physicians

Terry A. Rishke,MD, CCFP, ABFP, Mark P. Bosheim, MD CCFP, Brad W. Brososky, MD, CCFP, Arlie E. Esau, MD, PPFP
208-772-0785 8181 Cornerstone Dr.,
Hayden Lake, ID 83835